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3 Easy Freeride Tricks on Skis

In this freeride ski tutorial, you will learn 3 easy ski tricks to do in the powder. We first learn how to powerslide then how to drop cliffs on skis, and finally how to nose butter in powder.

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00:00 Intro
01:13 Trick 1: How to Powerslide in Powder
01:34 Step 1: How to Powerslide a Ski Slope
02:48 Step 2: How to Powerslide in Powder on Skis
03:35 Join a Ski Camp for Adults?
03:35 Trick 2: How to Drop on Skis
03:56 Step 1: Learn How to Jump on Skis First
04:16 Step 2: How to Drop (Flat to Steep)
05:48 Dropping Technique: Popping vs Absorbing
06:30 Step 3: How to Drop on Skis (Steep to Steep)
07:56 Trick 3: How to Nose Butter in Powder
08:11 Step 1: How to Nose Butter on a Slope
09:12 Step 2: How to Nose Butter in Powder
10:59 Step 3: How to Nose Butter in Pow with Style

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Podcast with Reine Barkered world-class cliff dropper: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjwW3oyGKVqp3BQRPyZsa7zW6gOzWKsJ2

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